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We tailor our counseling sessions to your individual needs

1. Information session
A non-binding free information session (approx. 10 minutes) allows you the opportunity to get a feeling for what we do and how we work. We will offer a list of solutions and new ways to move forward.

2. Dietary history
Starting with the first counseling session, we work together to develop a tailor-made plan to improve your eating habits. Naturally, we also take your food preferences, your daily life, and your family and work situation into consideration.

3. Counseling modules
Our counseling modules are individually designed according to your level of health and your current difficulties with changing eating habits. Step by step, you learn to improve your eating behavior and stabilize it for the future.

4. Nutritional analysis – Check-ups – BIA (bioelectrical impedance analysis) measurements
Individual nutritional analyses, as well as determining body constitution and nutritional state provide information regarding eating habits and the amount of nutrients in the body. Learn more about how we can help you in our film.

5. Shopping course and refrigerator check-up
As needed, we can assist you with shopping at your supermarket or have a look at the contents of your refrigerator together.

Unser Kursangebot

Genussvoll und entspannt abnehmen                 (ab 03.02.2020)
Achtsamkeit in der Ernährung                  (ab 03.02.2020)
Kochkurse nach Anfrage ab Februar 2020

Alle Kurse werden von den gesetzl. KK bezuschusst!

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Tipp: Winterrezept für 2019 / 2020

Fisch auf Kürbis-Linsen- Gemüse

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Praktikumsstelle ab März 2020
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