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For more than 25 years, I have successfully helped healthy individuals as well as patients with various illnesses to change their diet. I work together with doctors, psychologists and sports therapists.

I provide scientifically-based services
to companies and associations. I write press releases, give lectures and seminars and plan events and Health Days.

I also enjoy offering assistance to qualified nutritionists to become self-employed or to streamline their own practices.

My client’s success is both a motivation and a challenge for me.

Unser Kursangebot

Genussvoll und entspannt abnehmen (Mai 2019)
Achtsamkeit in der Ernährung (Mai 2019)
Kochkurse nach Anfrage ab Mai 2019

Alle Kurse werden von den gesetzl. KK bezuschusst!

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Tipp: Rezept für April/Mai 2019

Lachs mit grünem Spargel und Kirschtomaten

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Praktikumsstelle ab September 2019
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